The type of equipment used on a tour can greatly affect your enjoyment of the whole experience.
If you have ill fitting or poorly maintained gear or maybe items not specifically designed for the purpose you intend to use them for, then your enjoyment, safety and comfort will be affected.
Xterra Adventures only use equipment that is specifically designed for kayaking......from our safety gear to our kayaks....they are all purpose built.

We also have a maintenance schedule whereby our equipment is checked and serviced regularly.  This enables us to keep our equipment in great condition.



We use Mirage Sea Kayaks for all our tours.  These fibreglass kayaks are stable, comfortable and designed for expedition work.
Our double kayaks are 7.3m in length, have spacious forward and rear hatches as well as a day hatch that can be accessed while
paddling.  You will find the kayaks are very fast through the water and will be a big change to kayaks you may have paddled before.

Our PFD's (lifejackets) and sprayskirts are all top quality.

We use Sharkskin apparel and Neptune wetsuits on our courses (to ward off the cold when doing rescues and wet exits)





Our guides all wear purpose built paddle clothing.  We choose to wear SharkSkin technical watersports protection.  For the warmer months, I wear the Rapid Dry top which offers great sun protection, water repellant fabric and dries quickly.  When the weather cools off, I wear the Performance top or Chillproof Longsleeve top.  Both of these tops are windproof and have the thermal protection of a 2.5-3mm wetsuit -  without the restriction.  Throw on a pair of SharkSkin shorts and I'm set!!

The quality is second to none and I can't speak highly enough of Sharkskin products.  I use them kayaking and diving all year round and they have never let me down....I love em!



Every tour we take out has a range of remote area safety items.  These include GPS, flares, a satellite telephone, a mobile phone (Telstra), VHF radios and a GPS PLB (Personal Locator Beacon).

Additionally, where warranted, we utilise our 4m / 40hp safety boat - XterraOne.  This is equipped with VHF radio, GPS, first aid kit and is registered with Marine Rescue NSW.