Course Information

If you are new to kayaking and seeking to learn new skills, or enhance old ones, our instruction program is just what you need.

Delivered in an informal, friendly and always understanding manner, we can teach you the basics right through to more advanced techniques.  Learn about kayaking safety, the basic strokes, rescue techniques and a whole lot of information on equipment, boat buying and more.

We currently run a Flat Water Skills Course, aimed at  paddlers just starting out or those wanting to freshen up on their technique and skills.  Participants on this course will not only add a range of skills and techniques to their paddling arsenal, but will gain a huge confidence boost.

Leading on from that, is our Sea Skills Course.  This  takes you to the next level, giving you the skills to undertake limited coastal trips.

We can also develop a course to work on a particular area you want to improve in.  If you are looking at learning specific skills, brushing up on rescues, wanting to overcome a fear.....anything.....we can help you out! 

Everyone can benefit from these courses.....we are never too old or experienced to learn!!

Sorry, but we no longer offer a Rolling Skills Course due to rising pool hire costs and difficulty in meeting course minimum numbers. Also, we no longer provide training to a professional level (Guide or Instructor). If you are looking at these courses, we can put you in touch with someone who can help you out......just ask!