Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award

The next step on the journey to GOLD!

The silver level of the award is a step up from bronze…..not only in the time devoted to it, but in the expectations and skills needed to complete it.

There is an increased responsibility placed on the students.  It is expected that their clothing, food and camping gear choices will have improved, as well as their planning, navigation and camp-craft skills.

Consequently, our journeys are a bit more challenging than the bronze trips.
To help cope and manage these more challenging trips, our staff will work on the students kayaking skills – teaching new techniques for paddling and self reliance.

Our location choices are a bit further afield, but equally scenic and enjoyable.
Places like Kangaroo Valley, Lake Macquarie, Myall Lakes, Sussex Inlet, Jervis Bay
and of course the Hawkesbury River are all available.  However, if you have a particular location that you would like to use, let us know and we will scout it out and let you know if it a viable venue. 

Our highly skilled and qualified staff will make sure that your time on the water is not only enjoyable, but safe as well.  Our enviable safety record is not something that happens by chance.  We go to great lengths to ensure that the conditions we are paddling in not only safe, but suitable to the skills of the students.  Leading into a paddle, we will be in constant contact with you with weather updates, alternatives and other options.

Our aim is to see every student who participates in the Duke of Edinburgh Award with us, not only complete this level, but have a great time doing it.  We hope we have helped to instil an appreciation of the outdoors and their fellow team members, a new set of skills that they can use throughout their lives and the determination to progress to the gold level.

Call us now and we can help get your students working toward their silver award.  We can talk on the phone, by email or are happy to visit your school and discuss your needs in person.